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 My Furry Monsters

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PostSubject: My Furry Monsters   Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:24 pm

Okay, I guess I'll post some pics of my pets too Smile Just warning you all in advance, I'm camera happy Smile

Okay, this is my puppy Sasha. She was an early birthday present for me from my gf. I got her at 6 weeks old! She's now just over 6 months. The beige puppy with her is her brother from the same litter. My neighbour bought him.

This was one of my favourite rats, Taboo. She had to be put down almost a year ago as she was getting sick.

Okay, Taboo was lonely and so I decided to get her a playmate. Tabs was too old to become impregnated anymore, so I figured it would be safe to get a male, since that's all they had at the pet store. We brought him home and named him Khalua...well, two weeks later Khalua gave birth to 8 he was a she after all. The pet store did take the babies since it was their mistake, but we kept two.

This is my kitty Kiwi. The pet store gave him to us for free when he was 8 weeks old because he has a facial deformity. Apparently no one wanted him because of it. Well we took him home and he immediately attached himself to me! He is the best cat ever, and I still think he's a handsome boy anyway! lol

This is Jordyn. We rescued her from the humane society and believe she may have been abused. She is a very sweet dog, but extremely hyper! lol. Anyway, my gf took her when we broke up, but I still want to include pics.

Okay, now that you've all seen a photo album, lol, I'm gonna go take a nap. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: My Furry Monsters   Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:13 pm

Nam, they are so cute! Mine, don't least I've never heard them lol!

And the male rat-When I was a kid we had that happen with a hampster. It is quite a shock!
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My Furry Monsters
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