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 Isle of Eternal Hope ... Chapter 9

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PostSubject: Isle of Eternal Hope ... Chapter 9   Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:24 am

Isle Of Enternal Hope... Chapter 9

The Next morning everyone gets up and has a hearty picnic basket breatfast.

LiL sets about working on getting the important builds done. Grocery store, book store and all those essentals. Lets face it life without the essentals is a grim life for Sims indeed. Besides Sims need to start looking for work so they can buy their property and pay Lil to build their homes.

Mean While over in camp 3 Julia discovers that her little "keeping the hubby in line" actions has resulted in putting her in a delecate condition. DS however, is occupied in other matters and pays no notice to Julia's discovery.

Gold digging Spryte is bound and determined to snag DS away from Julia. Or at least get DS to set her up nicely in an apartment. She has no qualms about being the other woman. So, she is doing everything she can to heat things up.

It seems that Spryte is making great progress in her scheme to woo DS. Julia is not oblivious to what is going on. She is just bidding her time and waiting for just the right moment to confront SPryte. After all Julia does have a baby to consider now and doesn't want to stress herself out too much.

Before Long Spryte has DS completely wooed over and the two of them retire to the tent.

Spryte is giving one last attempt to lure DS away from Julia. Things are about to take a nasty Surprise for Spryte though.

Well, Spryte finally crossed the line and Julia is NOT going to stand for it. She confronts Spryte about her very very inappropriate behavior with her husband DS. What follows is a screaming match that will be talked about on the island for years to come. With Julia calling Spryte a Llama, and comparing her to a swarm of flies it is defenately not a fight any Sim will soon forget.

A few hours after the fight exhaustion finally drives everyone to their tents for some much need relaxation and sleep.

The next morning Spryte wakes up sick. Julia just smirks and "Hmmmphs" that's what she gets for being a gold digger.

With tensions being extremely high in all the camps because of the on going fued between Julia and Spryte Lil decides it is best to get DS & Julia's house built. She picks a nice 40 x 40 lot and builds them a lovely two stroy home with a gazebo, a garden and a fishing pond for DS. Lil also makes sure to plant plenty of flowers for Julia. After all we all know how Julia loves flowers and can be easily distracted with them. Lil finally gett he home finished and none to soon either. Just before moving in Julia has her baby. A beautiful little girl names Kim.

It's a good thing Ds & Julia's home was built and they have moved out of the camps. Otherwise everyone would probably witness another fight when Spryte breaks the new that she is expecting DS's baby.

Meanwhile, Sherry has invited Ever for dinner. Problem is he never returned from Sherry's home! Sherry insists she has no idea where Ever went and she also swears she did nothing to him. Not every Sim believes her, and until Ever can be found Sims are regaurding her with suspicion. Things at camp 2 where Ever was living are a little off key now.

The next day a boat is seen coming towards the island. Can other Sims have heard about this group and come to live here as well? The group starts getting excited new Sims to meet. They anxiously await the arrival of the boat. As the boat come up to the dock and Sims start getting off they realize that this is the second boat of Sims who escaped Emerald Island with them. The storm had pushed their boat in a different direction. They are so glad to have finally found the other group. As TNT_Teery and her husband TNT_TJ, Rinirae, Pinklady,Racncone come ashore everyone notices there is another teenager with them.
It's Ever!!!!! Some how he has been turned into a teenager. Everyone knows Sherry had something to do with this she just won't admit it. Since camp 3 is empty they all settle into that camp. Also on the boat they had BBQ grills. So, Lil sets about building each camp some tabel, chairs and an icebox. At least now they can cook hot dogs and hamburgers and store some fresh veggies and fruit. No more picnic basket meals.

After such an eventful day everyone is glad to climb into their sleeping bags and sleep the sleep of the dead.

LiL really goes into a building frenzy trying to get the town set up and functional. The sooner this town is operational the sooner other Sims will move her and the Sims that are here can get jobs. Everyone is getting board sitting around camp. With teenagers on the island Lil gets a school built.

She gets a Bistro resturant built

Then she completes a Theatre and a police station

The rest of the town gets completed.

The last thing LiL finished today was the town pool.

Things are finally starting to settle down here on Isle of Eternal Hope. Sims are going to work and starting to liven up the town areas. It won't belong before the word gets out and new SIms start moving onto the Island.

What adventures await our Sims? What will new Sims bring to the Island? Will The fued between Julia and Spryte ever end? Wuill their friendship be able to be salvaged or are they going to remain enemies for life?

With the town buildings complete LiL can now move onto the next phase of building and start building everyone their homes, so they can move out of the camps and into a normal home and settle down to life. For now everyone sleeps dreaming of the future.

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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Eternal Hope ... Chapter 9   Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:01 pm

Wow, dejavu...I think I read this one Wink

Great job Lil!
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Eternal Hope ... Chapter 9   Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:00 pm

What's so funny is that if I was really at the easel like that, I probably would not notice my hubby kissing my best friend lol! How true to life!
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Eternal Hope ... Chapter 9   

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Isle of Eternal Hope ... Chapter 9
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